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Boardwalk Empire

Boardwalk Empire: Nelson Van Alden's Ferriday Prop Papers

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In Season 3 Episode 1, Nelson Van Alden is a man who has been pushed way too far past his limits. On the run from the very Bureau of Investigations that he used to work for, Nelson is forced to take up work as a door to door iron salesman.
At an employee training session where he is forced to role play with an arrogant co-worker, Nelson loses his cool and brands the coworker on the cheek with a hot iron.
Don't worry-- Nelson Van Alden's Iron is perfectly safe.  The iron is charming and vintage -- which are a bit smaller than modern day appliances.
Fans will be excited to own such a unique piece from one of the most memorable scenes from Boardwalk Empire. 
This is a prop hard iron and comes with these set decoration official paperwork.