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12 MONKEYS: Cole's Flask from Episode 105

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Cole, unaware of Jennifer’s power, preps with Jones in 2043 for what could be his final trip to 2015. The time machine is still damaged from Deacon’s raid on their compound, so while overnight repairs are made, Cole, Ramse, Max, and a surprise guest, Jones, drink in honor of Cole’s time jump in the morning. The scene is a nice change of pace, both as one of the few times these characters have actually smiled and as a humanizing scene for Jones. Until now, she’s mostly been just the angry, curt leader throwing Cole through time, but the way she reveals that she had a husband who died from the virus only a few days into their marriage fleshes her out into an actual human being. The team bonding can only go on for so long, however, as Cole makes his jump to 2015 the next morning. There, he and Cassie waste no time investigating the Night Room. They infiltrate the seemingly innocent premises, disguised as a restaurant supply shop, with little in the way of a plan, which concerns Cassie. They quickly run into a doctor, the same one who introduced Jennifer to the Night Room at the episode’s start. He begins apologizing, and before Cassie and Cole can ask why, armor-clad men point a couple of guns at their heads. Bet Cole wouldn’t have minded a plan at this point. This item was used on screen in the production of the hit SYFY show 12 MONKEYS. This item comes with a Network signed Certificate of Authenticity.